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Costa Rica

You could smell the asphalt and plane fuel under the Costa Rica sun; the heat intensifying the sensations. We walked across the tarmac to step into the prop planes. But then on takeoff the wind rushed through the cabin and these scents were replaced by the hum of the engines. We were airborne and headed […]

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If a company was a person, culture would be it’s personality. It takes a gutsy leader to start a tradition that shapes the way people see their workplace. For SmartWool, part of this culture is riding their bikes through the desert, over mountains, and into Park City Utah at the end of July for 10 […]

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Maine TNC

Sometimes you need to sit back, sip wine, and watch the storm overtake your surroundings. As the beavers slapped their tails, and the moose took cover in the undergrowth, we had the better end of the deal. The heat radiating off of the wood burning stove, and the company of friends and like-minded people made […]

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