Our Process

We don’t facilitate trips. We curate experiences.

At Iconic Adventures, we understand the difference between well-planned logistics and truly exceptional experiences. To us, seamlessly dialing in the details of a trip is important. But that’s not why our clients put their trust in us. Our process of helping each and every group imagine and bring to life their dream experience is what drives us to deliver one-of-a-kind experiences both simple and grand. We break the process into three key steps.


First, we work closely with the client team to clarify goals and objectives, budgets, timing and other logistical considerations. From there, with specifics in hand, we assign a dedicated Travel Expert to research and identify unique, destination-specific experiences that align with the goals of our client. Finally, we leverage on-location experts to personally vet all trip elements to assure that everything we propose comes off exactly as imagined.


The process is collaborative and results in a blue print for the entire trip. The personally tailored collection of experiences becomes a detailed itinerary of the entire experience. We lock down trip elements and then help our clients build momentum and anticipation for the event, sending out customized trip plan package for all guests.


A dedicated Iconic Trip Leader meets the client at the trip start. The sole responsibility is to curate the entire experience, executing on the details and helping everyone in the party to discover all aspects of the destination. All you do is experience everything the trip offers and leave the details, both large and small, to us.