Brian Birkenstein

Equipment and Logistics Manager

Seattle, WA

Brian’s love of travel, which was kicked off by his grandparents (when they took him to Norway, Sweden and Denmark at 14), really got going after he graduated from UCLA in 1996 and went to Australia with a year-long work permit in his hand.  He only made it two months, as he was more interested in traveling and seeing Australia than working, but came back with the travel bug fully embedded.  Before going he thought it was his last hoorah before cutting his hair, putting on a tie and getting a normal job.  None of that happened; the travel bug would not allow it.


Now, 23 years later, Brian has visited all 50 states, 71 countries and all 7 continents, including 4 months working in Antarctica.  During his career in the travel industry Brian has had many roles, from tour leader (in almost 25 countries, including 23 times to Cuba), to sales rep/manager (10 countries), and operations manager (2 countries, for a variety of companies, brands, styles, locations and age groups).  Brian has also racked up significant time living abroad, including 5 years in Europe, summer seasons in Canada, and 9 months in Australia.


Brian brings this lifetime passion for travel to his work with Iconic Adventures. Drawing on his deep experience in the tourism industry, Brian approaches projects with both a big-picture understanding of how trips come together and a meticulous head for details, ensuring that no logistical stone is left unturned in bringing a client’s vision to life.