Brittany Richardson

Trip Development Manager

Denver, CO

Brittany’s passion for travel sparked back in college while on a trip to Europe with her mom and she’s been hooked ever since. She brings 15 years of planning, designing, and leadership experience in domestic and international travel, with special focus on trips built around themes of adventure, philanthropy, advocacy and education. Through her tenure as trip developer, leader, and prior adventure company co-owner, she specializes in experiential adult and family journeys that provide deep educational immersions into each country’s economic, political, health and social standing.


Some of Brittany’s clients include Bristol-Myers Squibb, Smartwool, The Nature Conservancy, TOMS, Nike Foundation, and Girl Effect and her expertise ranges from high profile clients to high school church groups. A gypsy at heart, she feels most at home when traveling through and sharing all that Africa, Central, South, and North America have to offer. Throughout her experiences, she’s developed expertise in bringing together individuals with differing physical strengths, ages, desires and passions and helping them to collectively deepen cultural, social, and economical awareness, respect for others, and the natural world, while weaving fun in as a priority.


When not traveling the world with clients, Brittany enjoys practicing and teaching yoga, sipping good wine and hitting the trails outside.