Ella Driscoll

Program Manager

Jackson, WY

Ella Driscoll grew up as an international nomad, moving between Peru, Australia, Hong Kong, England, and the U.S. While Jackson, Wyoming, is her current home, curiosity and a passion for learning inspire her to continue to explore. High-energy, collaborative, and people-centric––she has a knack for relationship building and for weaving meaning and connection into the communities she inhabits.


Prior to joining Iconic, Ella worked for Backroads Travel where she guided, researched, and built trips in Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Ireland, Hawaii, Montana, Wyoming, and California. She also worked in Oregon facilitating trips for Wilderness Adventures. She utilized her cultural curiosity, people skills, and trip planning to curate immersive, exceptional experiences. Extending her love of people and the outdoors to her home state, most recently she worked at The Darwin Ranch, the most remote guest ranch in the lower 48, nestled in the Gros Ventre mountains of Wyoming.


It’s hard to pin down Ella. When not hiking uphill with her skis on her back, running across ridgelines, or cycling in foreign lands, she spends time cooking with friends and sharing her adoration for music. Her passion for food has its genesis in Maine where she attended the place-based education program, Chewonki Semester School. She has a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Studies and Government and Legal Studies from Bowdoin College–where she worked in Admissions and as an Outing Club leader–canoeing, backpacking, and orienteering her way through the great state of Maine. She also extended her studies into the field of organizational psychology at the University of Pennsylvania. She knows a little bit of Mandarin, Spanish, and German–and can successfully gesture and fumble her way through asking where the nearest XL latte is in a handful of other languages. 


Today, Ella is a non-profit program manager at Iconic.