Emily Schulman


Chicago, IL


A Denver native, Emily (begrudgingly) splits her time between Chicago and everyone’s favorite square state. She joined Iconic in 2017 and currently serves as Chief Operating Officer. Drawing on her experiences as a consultant, nonprofit professional, and devoted traveler, she focuses on both high-level strategy and the nitty gritty details that go into creating the best possible experience for our clients.


Prior to joining Iconic, Emily worked for a Seattle-based social impact consulting firm where she conducted research and developed strategy for global health initiatives, environmental conservation investments, and social justice campaigns. Before that, she learned the nonprofit and fundraising ropes while working for an education nonprofit in Denver, where she created a corporate engagement program for local professionals to engage with public high school students. 


Emily has spent extensive time studying, working, and traveling abroad. She has led language immersion trips in Barcelona and Costa Rica, backpacked through Patagonia, conducted fieldwork in Nicaragua, consulted for nonprofits in Guatemala, and successfully navigated German bureaucracy. She is fluent in Spanish and knows enough German to get into trouble. She holds bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Latin American Studies from Carleton College and Tulane University, respectively. Emily has a passion for sustainable, collaborative international development and serves as Vice President of the Board of Directors for One Equal Heart, a nonprofit that collaborates with Tseltal Maya communities in Chiapas, Mexico. Her first-born son is a wheaten terrier and named after the author John McPhee. Her second-born son’s middle name is Peregrine because, well, travel.