Jet Smith

Trip Development Manager

Seattle, WA

Jeanette Smith, aka “Jet : Traveler, Tour Guide, Ecologist and Cook.


Jet is a woman who is fascinated by all things in the natural world, which translates into becoming a professional fisheries ecologist, cook/cooking teacher and adventure travel guide. Currently she provides consulting & freelance services in all of these areas, as a life and career of diversity is what keeps the energy flowing and the adventures coming. Always ready with a big smile, a delicious snack or just the right tool.


During her 15- year career as a salmon ecologist she spent many hours tromping the woods and streams of the northwest and Alaska in an effort to understand and restore streams for salmon. She is just as fascinated by knowing the fish and where the fish came from as well as how best to cook the fish. After a few years cooking in high-end restaurants, Jet took to the backroads as an adventure tour guide for the last 9 years. Cycling and hiking with folks throughout, SE Asia, New Zealand, parts of Europe and all over the US. Experiencing culture, food, environment and people of so many different places has given her a broad appreciation for the diversity of our world and a desire to share this with her clients whether it is on a bike tour, in a cooking class or designing a new experience, menu or event.