Luke Hall

Trip Operations Manager

Denver, CO

Experiential enthusiast, trip creator, rock climber, Iconic’s resident millennial, big picture thinker, trip leader.


Luke was Iconic’s first intern over the summer between his Junior and Senior year at Taylor University where he studied Business Management and Entrepreneurship. He is originally a midwesterner, but after living in Steamboat for a season decided to make the permanent move to Colorado.


Before coming on full time for Iconic, he worked in the guiding world, leading backpacking, climbing, multi-day canoeing, and rafting trips. He now spends his time working for Joe in various capacities from front end trip research and creation, to dealing with internal systems and logistics, to getting out and running trips.


Travel has shown him a lot, but the one lesson that comes up all the time concerns the value of shared experience. Discovering beautiful places is only as good as the people you share it with. Luke would rather find himself stuck outdoors shivering in a tent with good people than on the couch at home watching what’s hot on Netflix. Experience over stuff. It’s a better way to live he thinks.