The Iconic Airstream

Have office. Will travel.

We’re a travel company. And as such, we should have a mobile office. A venue for inspiration in destinations both near and far. At least that’s how we rationalized the investment we bought a vintage Airstream trailer years back when we were bringing Iconic Adventures to life.

But the trailer quickly became more than just a metaphor for our business. It became a lightning rod for adventure. An invitation to escape the routine and find a fresh perspective on the world seen through the immersive lens of travel. Whether over a weekend at a lake outside Steamboat, or on a cross-country epic, it stood for the simple beauty of travel. And it also served as a great location for the occasional backcountry client meeting.

Changing people’s perspectives through travel is what Iconic is all about—helping our clients experience something in an entirely new way. Whether reimaging the familiar or taking a few steps (or a giant leap) outside of their comfort zones, just to see what happens.