Bend by Heli

Getting outside the box

Some clients make a habit of going over the top. So, when they ask us to take them to an entirely new level, we took the challenge. The goal: Off-the-grid ideation. A brainstorm environment to challenge the senses and open the mind. And a place that was as special as the team itself.

They boarded the charter plane without knowing the destination. At landing, we jumped in helicopters and set off again, deep into the Cascade Range of Central Oregon. Our destination, the deserted, lake-filled crater of a dormant volcano.

With luxury camp, ready for days of team brainstorming, the team enjoyed roaring bonfires, gourmet food, a variety of adventures—from downhill mountain biking to SUP-top yoga sessions—and a totally fresh perspective on the team meeting.

Adventure, luxury and great whites in South Africa
A cross-country epic for good.