Nimmo Bay

A British Columbian rainforest as our own private playground.

What does it take to leave the everyday behind? Heli-fishing, whale watching and extreme, off-the grid remoteness in the heart of the White Bear Rainforest.

Yep, sounds about right.


fter our private jet flew us northwest out of Vancouver, and a fleet of helicopters took us even farther out past the mainland, we found ourselves with a well-stirred cocktail in one hand and an imposing ridge line towering above us.

In the mornings we woke to a few vigorous sun salutations followed by breakfast floating in the middle of a lake. Later, we boarded helicopters in search of secluded fishing holes. We lost ourselves among wild blueberries and heather while hiking through low alpine meadows. We breathed in the crisp air from the deck of a Zodiak as we chased orcas, humpback whales and black and grizzly bears. We marveled at the power of thousands of gallons of water crashing onto cold rock. In the evenings we toasted the fading light over a gourmet meal.

And when it was time to re-enter reality? We eased back into the real world with a stay at the elegant Rosewood Hotel, a sampling of Vancouver's fresh and local cuisine and VIP transfers back to the places we call home.

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